Snapit Events Inc. is your event solution. We provide event planning, green screen event photography, party photo booths, and roaming event photography. All of our products are combined with our instant onsite printing.

Our event photography includes personalized green screen photography that results with you leaving with picture in hand. In addition you can share your one of kind photo with our social media sharing and live photo streams.

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Book a 3 hour 4x6 Green Screen photo party booth for only $499.00*

We provide our clients with a complete, professional photography experience, including complete event coverage, Photo Booths, on site printing as fast as 8 seconds, creative candids, Green screen photos with custom branding and borders as well as online photo hosting of all the images from our events for your guests to retrieve and enjoy.

Since we can print each photo with your logo or event information, You can be sure that your event guests will remember what a great time they had while always having your brand or logo in plain sight. Whether 50 or 5000 guests, no job is too big or too small for us!

We Provide Instant Prints for Corporate and Private Events. Whether you use our Green Screen technology for Marketing, Branded Give Away's, Data Capture or information Retrieval..... Snapit Events can help!

We're taking the onsite photo booth experience at your events to a whole new level of interactivity and fun.

Try one of our Photo Party Booths at your next event.

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With our photo party booths we can print 2x6 strips, 4x6 photos, 5x7 photos with any custom background and foregrounds adding your logo or event slogan is a great way to have your guest remember your event for years to come. We can fit around 6 to 8 people in the booth at one time.

A few of our Services we offer.

  • Print Onsite
  • Photo Party Booth
  • Social Media Portal Kiosk
  • Remote Photo Upload
  • Data Collection & Surveys
  • Facebook & Twitter Integration
  • Microsites
  • Mobile Onsite Event Photos
  • Green Screen Photos
  • Online Photo Downloads
  • Onsite Email Photos
  • Bar Codes & QR Codes
  • Wi-fi Photo upload & transmit
  • IPAD Social Media Photo Booth or Kiosk
  • Red Carpet Photography (Hollywood Style)